It's May Day! A holiday all around the world -- except here:

  • ‘Scale and Skill’: Why It’s Hard for Managed Funds to Beat the Indexers (Knowledge@Wharton)
  • Diamonds to Oil Bring Gold Rush Dreams to Melting Arctic (Bloomberg)
  • How Google Can Steal Facebook’s Candy (Bloomberg View) see also It’s Not a Tech Bubble -- It’s Tech Roulette (CNN Money)
  • On Umbrellas Causing Rain (Economist)
  • Why Don’t Wall Street Stars Get Sports-Like Endorsement Deals? (Reformed Broker)
  • Life in Canada, Home of the World’s Most Affluent Middle Class (NY Times)
  • The Conservative Case Against Piketty Is Shockingly Weak (New Republic) see also Why the Rich Are Rattled (LA Times)
  • Why Only One Top Banker Went to Jail for the Financial Crisis (NY Times)
  • Al Hunt: Your 2016 Republican Field, by the Odds (Bloomberg View) but see This Is a Perfect Example of Why Scientists Don’t Vote Republican (The Week)
  • Wikipedia: Where Truth Dies Online (Spiked Online)

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