Happy Birthday to Steve Cauthen, 54.

Is that Derby weekend I see in the future? Sure, but for now, just the good stuff:

1. Julia Azari on dynasties and the nationalization of U.S. politics. Great post, and an important topic.

2. Absentee voter fraud is real, though probably not that big a deal in terms of election outcomes. Voter impersonation fraud at the polling place just doesn’t happen. Rick Hasen explains, one more time.

3. I really liked Ed Kilgore’s post tearing apart the “next in line” idea.

4. Ignore those polls! At The Upshot, Allison Kopicki points out that head-to-head general election presidential matchup polling is useless this far out, and nomination polling isn’t really any better.

5. And John Patty thinks about apologies.

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