Some morning reads to start your hump day:

• Rigging CEO Pay (Bloomberg View)
• This Google Motherboard Means Trouble for Intel (Wired) see also Google is the weapon of choice in the cloud (WSJ)
• The Citigroup Clique (Politico)
• IMF: Russia Is Already in Recession (Business Insider) see also Russian Stocks: White House Press Secretary Says Sell; Morgan Stanley Says Buy (Wall Street on Parade)
• Our Fragile Economy of Stock Bubbles and Luxury Goods (Al Jazeera America)
• What Is Right With Modernity? (Noahpinion)
• How Smaller Government Is Hitting Payrolls in Parts of U.S. (Real Time Economics)
• How to Tell If Any of Your Accounts Have Been Hacked (BGR) see also These Sites Tell Which of Your Accounts Have Been Hacked (Forbes)
• How Far Fitness Has Fallen (Outside Online)
• Pat Riley’s ‘Three-Peat’ Payday Hinges on LeBron Winning Again (Bloomberg)

What are you reading?

The Top 1 Percent Is Very Male and Very White

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