(Corrects spelling of Dahlia Lithwick's name in second item.)

Happy Birthday to Joe Strain, 60. The Giants have been good more often than not for a long time now (since 1986), and for the past 20 years the team has been about as healthy a franchise as there is. But it’s really, really hard for me to shake the broken franchise and terrible teams they had from 1972 through 1985.

I suppose I should get to the good stuff:

1. Rick Hasen summarizes the big voter ID case from Wisconsin, and looks at the steps to come.

2. While Dahlia Lithwick looks at what the Supremes might do about the Fourth Amendment in the 21st century.

3. Jared Bernstein on wages.

4. The dismal prospects for women in Senate ’14, from David S. Bernstein (journalist David is my brother; we’re not related to economist Jared).

5. And Richard Skinner with a closer look at the baseball team fan information from Facebook.

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