Some Monday reads to start your week:

  • Bonds Surprise in Q1 (Fidelity)
  • Reinvesting in Your Dividend Stocks Is Still the Best Way to Beat Inflation Over the Long Run (Motley Fool) see also Floating a Few Cents to Investors (MoneyBeat)
  • High-flying Small Caps Get Clipped ( WSJ
  • Incredibly, the SEC Sets Forth Its View: Suitability Standard Is the Same as Fiduciary Standard (Scholarly Financial Planner)
  • “Great Brands Impose a View on You” (Reformed Broker) see also Whole Foods Takes Over America (CNN Money)
  • Mortgage-Loan Limits Hit Buyers in High-Cost Housing Markets (Real Time Economics)
  • Apprenticeships Help Create Jobs. So Why Are They in Decline in the U.S.? (WSJ) see also Why You Hate Your Job (Motley Fool)
  • The Death of Money Portfolio (Millennial Invest)
  • Stunningly Rapid Urban Development, Seen Through Google Street View (WonkBlog) see also Go Back in Time With Street View (Google Blog)
  • A Dozen Things I Have Learned From Jeff Bezos (25iq)

How was your weekend?

The price of new homes is surging -- in part because houses are getting bigger

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