Some reads for your post-holiday malaise:

  • Risk of Stock Pullback Continues (Moneybeat) but see Tech Fall Isn't Seen as Sign of Trouble (WSJ)
  • Rob Arnott: Demographics Are the Markets' 800-Pound Gorilla (Barron's)
  • What happens when the sadomonetarists move in (NYT)
  • Peculiar Traits of Rich People (Motley Fool)
  • Blaming Robert Rubin for financial crisis (The Guardian)
  • Five Questions on the State of Mortgage Lending (Five Things)
  • Four Things To Know About 'Robo-Advisors' (
  • How Democratic and Republican morals compare to the rest of the world (Wonkblog)
  • Friends, and Influence, for Sale Online (Bits)
  • Innoveracy: Misunderstanding Innovation (Asymco)

What are you reading?

States With Highest Share of Underwater Properties


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