Happy Birthday to Elaine May, 82. Yes, "Ishtar" was an excellent movie. I'm glad people are figuring that out.

It’s Fiesta here in San Antonio, but that’s no excuse to skip the good stuff:

1. Austin Frakt responds to Ross Douthat on markers for Affordable Care Act success.

2. Rick Hasen pans the new book from former Justice John Paul Stevens.

3. Good one from Josh Huder on “blue slips” and the post-nuclear Senate’s ability to advise and consent. I generally have agreed that majority-imposed reform leads down this slippery slope, which is bad for the Senate and for the system.

4. Very nice summary of where House 2014 is heading.

5. How will immigration play out in the Republican presidential nomination process? Richard Skinner considers some of the players, and the reasons for uncertainty.

6. Sarah Kliff is absolutely right: The big thing that some pundits and a lot of Republican self-spinners missed about ACA enrollment is that people really want health insurance.

7. Why the extraconstitutional National Popular Vote plan is doomed, from Nate Silver, an Electoral College opponent. I’m somewhere between neutral and marginally supportive of the Electoral College, but I’m extremely worried that the NPV interstate compact could yield dangerous mischief). At any rate, I think Nate’s probably right on the politics of adopting the scheme.

8. Okay, Ed Kilgore got me laughing by catching perhaps the silliest loaded polling question ever.

9. And Alyssa Rosenberg on the “evil genius” that is Fox News.

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