Ritholtz's 10 Weekend Reads: The Truth About Statistics

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Pour yourself a cup of Joe, settle into your favorite chair and cozy up with my long-form weekend reads:

  • Capital Man: Thomas Piketty Is Economics' Biggest Sensation. He's Also the Field's Fiercest Critic (Chronicle of Higher Education)
  • The Prose of Psychoanalysis (TLS)
  • Three Ways Jeff Bezos Keeps Improving Amazon's Workforce (Quartz)
  • A Silicon Valley Disaster: A 21-Year-Old Stanford Kid Got $30 Million, Then Everything Blew Up (Business Insider)
  • The Truth About Chicago's Crime Rates (Chicago Magazine)
  • Stories Triumph Statistics (Seeking Wisdom)
  • The Mental Life of Plants and Worms, Among Others by Oliver Sacks (New York Review of Books)
  • Christie's Mastro Mistake: Report Backfires Politically, Legally (NJ Spotlight) see also Crossing Chris Christie (New Yorker)
  • Why do stories exist? Literary scholars look to neuroscience (WSJ)
  • Can You Buy a License to Speed? (Priceonomics)

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