Here are some reads for your midweek morning:

  • How the wealthy resemble sociopaths: Peculiar Traits of Rich People (Motley Fool) see also Why Rich People Feel Poor (Bloomberg)
  • Wonky: When Will the Fed Change Its Reaction Function? (Tim Duy’s Fed Watch)
  • The First Down-Quarter for Earnings Since 2012? (Reformed Broker)
  • Gold: In Search of a New Standard (FT) but see China Is Losing Its Taste for Gold (WSJ)
  • How Innovation May Make Wall Street Less Efficient (Real Time Economics)
  • Regulators to unveil plans to step-up checks on stockbroker records (WSJ)
  • The Cayman Islands: Where tens of billions of dollars don’t get declared to IRS (Quartz)
  • This Is Amazon’s Smartphone (BGR)
  • Why Scientists Increasingly Need to be Salesmen (Priceonomics)
  • America and Russia Arm the World, in Four Charts (Vox)

What are you reading?

Sovereign Yields Continue Lower


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