Good morning! Here are some reads to start your Thursday:

  • How to Cheat on Your Taxes (Newsweek)
  • Record Europe Dividends Keep $3 Trillion From Factories (Bloomberg)
  • Dimon: Ending QE will send rates to 5 percent on the 10-year Treasury bond (Fortune)
  • Important Differences Between 2007 and 2014 (Reformed Broker)
  • Opening the Box on Tech Stocks’ Next Move (WSJ)
  • This Part of Your Brain Makes You Fall for Casino Tricks (Pacific Standard)
  • What the U.S. Would Look Like With No Minimum Wage ( Vox)
  • The 5 Things to Do About the New Heartbleed Bug (The Atlantic) see also Heartbleed ( Schneier on Security)
  • Global Solar Dominance in Sight as Science Trumps Fossil Fuels (Telegraph)
  • Monty Python Reinvented British Comedy (The Guardian)

What are you reading?

J.P. Morgan’s Dimon Describes Year of Pain

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