The plague has broken and I can breathe again. Here is what I'm reading this morning:

• U.S. Equity Investors Ignore Warning Signs (FT)
• Why Choose Stocks When Saving for Retirement? (Fidelity) but see Passive vs. Active Investing: Darts, Monkeys and Pros (Investing Caffeine)
• Gold loses luster as broader market fears fade (WSJ)
• Caterpillar Escaped $2.4 Billion Tax With Swiss Maneuver (Bloomberg)
• Here Come the Pitchforks in China: The Comrades Start Busting the Kleptocrats (David Stockman’s Contra Corner)
• How Gmail Happened: The Inside Story of Its Launch 10 Years Ago Today (Time)
• High Altitude: Stock Market Trends as Realistic Mountain Ranges (Information Aesthetics)
• Box, Microsoft and the Next Enterprise Platform (stratēchery) see also The Day Microsoft Gave Up World Domination and Settled for Relevance (Waffle)
• Bugatti: The Marriage of Art and the Automobile (WSJ)
• How Michael Jackson Made $1 Billion Since His Death (Billboard)

What are you reading?

New NASDAQ Companies Are Older, Fewer and Bigger

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