Happy Birthday to Debbie Reynolds, 82.

Yes, it’s (almost) all about health care in the good stuff:

1. I’ll start with Sarah Kliff’s overview of what happened yesterday, and what’s to come with enrollment in the exchanges and in Medicaid.

2. Jonathan Cohn has a nice, balanced essay on how the Affordable Care Act is doing at the close of the first open season. If nothing else, it’s an excellent tour of many of the components of the law, which is much more that just the exchanges and healthcare.gov, despite the justified focus of recent months.

3. Ross Douthat has a message for conservatives: Obamacare isn’t going to implode. If they want to get rid of it, they will need an alternative.

4. Philip Klein continues to poke holes in the optimistic view of the statistics.

5. While Michael Hilzak answers Republican skepticism on the ACA numbers.

6. Adrianna McIntyre urges us to wait, and reminds us again that there’s no single magic number on enrollments.

7. But Obamacare still polls badly, though there’s probably been a little improvement lately. Mark Blumenthal and Ariel Edwards-Levy have the numbers over at HuffPollster.

8. And on another subject: a must-read from political scientist Corrine McConnaughy about how the women’s vote was achieved in the U.S. -- not by changing minds, but by forging coalitions Important.
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