Source: Skytrax
Source: Skytrax

Each year, the airline-review firm Skytrax creates a list of the best airports in the world.

The list is notable for the absence of U.S. airports.

This isn’t a surprise. Ideological extremism in the U.S. has turned what used to be the ordinary process of funding of infrastructure projects, such as airports, into a minefield of partisan rancor.

Crumbling bridges, roads and airports are befitting a nation in decline.

Oh, and here is the list:

The Best Airports in the World 2014

  1. Singapore Changi Airport
  2. Incheon International Airport
  3. Munich Airport
  4. Hong Kong International Airport
  5. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
  6. Tokyo International Airport Haneda
  7. Beijing Capital International Airport
  8. Zurich Airport
  9. Vancouver International Airport
  10. London Heathrow Airport

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