Pour yourself a tall cup of joe then settle into a chair with my favorite longer-form writings from this week:

• Value Investing: An Introduction (Seeking Wisdom)
• Building the Next Pixar (FastCo)
• The Hidden Value of the NBA Steal (FiveThirtyEight)
• The Fascinating Neuroscience Of Color (FastCo Design)
• Income Equality: A Search for Consequences (NY Times)
• How online animal rights activists helped catch Luka Magnotta (Rolling Stone)
• The Drugging of the American Boy (Esquire) see also CDC: Autism Rates Rise in Children by 30 Percent (Boston Globe)
• State of Journalism: The Lost Art of Fact Checking (LinkedIn)
• Bush: He Remade Our World (NYR Books) see also What Pakistan Knew About Bin Laden (NY Times)
• Anatomy of an Earworm (New Yorker)

What’s going on this weekend?

As Broader Market Fears Fade, Gold Is Tarnished


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