The end of the week is in sight, and my bubonic plague refuses to go away:

• Value is a highly useful fiction (Crossing Wall Street)
• Niedermeyer: Still ‘Government Motors,’ Recall and All (Bloomberg View)
• The Next Problem: Too Much Profit (WSJ)
• 26.9 CENTS ON THE DOLLAR: Lehman to Dole Out Additional $17.9 Billion to Creditors (WSJ)
• Microsoft Office for iPad sets the gold standard for tablet productivity (ZDNet) but see Why Office for iPad Took 4 Years to Get Here (Mashable)
• React to the Reality, Not the Image of It (NY Times)
• A Union That Doesn’t Want Wages? (Priceonomics) see also The NCAA released a statement on the NLRB ruling, and it is hilariously, excessively wrong (Sippin On Purple)
• Do Corporations Have Religious Beliefs? (Al Jazeera America)
• Missing: Up To 4 Million Workers (FiveThirtyEight)
• California’s Historic Drought (The Atlantic)

What’s up for the weekend?

Cash, Paranoia Fuels Tech Giants’ Buying Binge

Source: WSJ

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