Happy Thursday:

• Housel: One-Sentence Financial Rules (Motley Fool)
My 2nd favorite headline today! Right Said Fed. Hey Finance-Land: Janet Yellen Is Not Your Mommy. (Slate)
• The Case Against This Stock Market (Barron’s) see also Are the Markets Heading Back to the 1990s and Hammer Time? (Ciovacco Capital)
• Emerging Markets Are Attractive (Short Side of Long)
• Here’s the Real Reason Warren Buffett Doesn’t Invest in Technology -- Or Bitcoin (Business Insider)
• Housing Recovery Needs More Than Warmer Weather (WSJ)
• Wolf: China’s Struggle for a New Economy (FT) see also How Rumor Sparked Panic and Three-Day Bank Run in Chinese City (Reuters)
My favorite headline today! Oculus Grift: Kickstarter as Charity for Venture Capitalists (ValleyWag)
• Fewest Americans Earning Minimum Wage Since 2008 (Real Time Economics)
• Can Evolution Outrace Climate Change? (FiveThirtyEight)

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Foreign Investment in U.S. Hits New Record

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