It’s Tuesday. That’s about all the enthusiasm I can muster. You win, winter:

• Did Hyman Minsky Find the Secret Behind Financial Crashes? (BBC)
• Profit Margins: The Epicenter of the Valuation Debate (Philosophical Economics)
• Economic Surprise Indices Offer No Value (MV Pro) see also Economic Check-In: A Sweet Spot for U.S. (Fidelity)
• Fears of Rising Rates Killing Bull Overblown? (USA Today)
• Capital Can’t Be Measured (Interfluidity)
• Newspapers Are Dead; Long Live Journalism (stratēchery)
• Starbucks is the Microsoft of coffee. Is this the Apple? (Slate)
• Meet The Super Taskers (Psychology Today)
• What Happens When Liberal Cities Raise Their Minimum Wage? (Environmental and Urban Economics)
• Sick of the Winter Chill? New Research Shows Why the Planet Is Still Heating Up (WonkBlog)

What are you reading?

Inside Fed Statement Lurks Hint on Rates

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