Looks like a glorious day is on tap. Grab your tablet and a cup of coffee, and settle in to enjoy these longer-form weekend reads:

• Genome Surgery: Genome editing tools boost medical research and gene therapy’s reach (MIT Technology Review)
• Silicon Valley’s Youth Problem (NYT Mag)
• The New Market Space: Billionaire Investors Look Beyond Earth (FT)
• Why we love repetition in music (Aeon)
• The Dismal Art: Economic forecasting has become much more sophisticated in the decades since its invention. So why are we still so bad at it? (Democracy Journal)
• Is Amazon bad for books? (New Yorker)
• The Man Who Destroyed America’s ego: How a rebel psychologist challenged one of the 20th century’s biggest -- and most dangerous -- ideas (Medium)
• How We Built the Ghettos (Daily Beast)
• Facebook’s Plan to Conquer the World -- With Crappy Phones and Bad Networks (Wired) see also The War Nerd: Google’s Big New Dog (Pando Daily)
• A Vast Hidden Surveillance Network Runs Across America, Powered By the Repo Industry (BetaBoston)

What's up for the weekend?

Mutual funds that aim to copy hedge-fund strategies are proliferating

Source: WSJ
Source: WSJ

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