Here are some of my favorite tweets from the week:

The Fed:

Hawkish? Hardly!

Spelled with an “I.”

What would a FOMC meeting be without a limerick?

My own contribution to the FOMC noise.


Reasons to sell since March 2009.

Spot what's wrong with this chart.

Every time I see a pundit on TV screaming inflation, all I can think is "Blowhard!"

To buy a house, you have to work how long?

Data without theory.

Random Stuff

Now THAT’S a selfie.

And this selfie isn't bad either -- I will be swinging by this afternoon to talk with her about the taper and market tops

A newly discovered dinosaur is called the "Chicken From Hell."

Best. Coffee cup. Ever.

It goes to 11!

Gorgeous wallpaper.

The best bumper sticker in the parking lot at the Jet Propulsion Lab.

A living refutation of Descartes.

Lastly, from the kid who sneaked to the top of 1 World Trade Center.

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