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• Here’s How 18 Categories of Equity Funds Measure Up Against Their Respective Indices (Business Insider)
• Russia ‘Planned Wall Street Bear Raid’ (BBC)
• Tesla Can Topple the Car-Dealer Monopoly (BV) see also Tesla Versus the Rent Seekers (Marginal Revolution)
• You Can’t Avoid Asset Allocation … Even If You Try (The Capital Spectator)
• Zweig: Explaining the Stock Market’s Madness (Total Return) see also What Neuroscience Says About the Link Between Creativity and Madness (FastCo Design)
• Gold mining stocks, so bad for so long, are finally doing better -- but the smaller companies may be a better bet. (WSJ)
• At Financial News Sites, Stock Promoters Make Inroads (Fortune)
• Smarter People Are More Trusting (The Atlantic) see also Half of Americans Believe in Medical Conspiracy Theories (NPR)
• Every Popular Theory You’ve Heard About Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and Why They’re Probably Wrong (BuzzFeed)
There Must Be Some Misunderstanding: Unintelligible rock lyrics can teach us what we think (Chronicle of Higher Education)

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