Happy Birthday to Geronimo Berroa, 49.

Lots of good stuff:

1. The new FiveThirtyEight is up, and it’s going to be very good. Here’s Dan Hopkins on the nationalization of gubernatorial elections.

2. I am a big fan of Nate Silver and extremely happy to have him back writing regularly, but I think Marc Tracy makes a good point that Silver is probably a hedgehog, not a fox. That is in no way an insult. Both are good!

3. We’re still waiting for Ezra Klein’s Vox, which is going to be outstanding, too. Fortunately he’s posted an interview with Elizabeth Kolbert. Pro tip: never miss an Ezra Klein interview; he’s a master of the form.

4. Ryan O’Donnell has the chart of the day showing that House Democrats tend to reflect their districts, while House Republicans are just hard-line conservatives regardless of their constituents.

5. Sarah Posner on the media and religious liberals.

6. Amelia Thomson-Deveaux looks at religious conservatives and contraception.

7. Via Ed Kilgore, who adds additional perspective to the story.

8. I didn’t get to this one in yesterday’s Obamacare roundup, but Christopher Flavelle had a nice post digging into some new survey data on the ACA. We should never make too much of any single poll, and especially subsets within a particular poll, but there are some interesting results here.

9. Eric Ostermeier looks at 25 years of House delegations and gender balance and assigns grades.

10. And another launch: Alyssa Rosenberg starts at the Washington Post.

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