Top of the workweek to you. Some reads for your St. Patrick's Day enjoyment:

• Haunted by the Bull That Got Away (WSJ) see also U.S. Investors Have Not Run With Bull Market (NY Post)
• The U.S. Stock Market Is Expensive, and It Should Be (Philosophical Economics)
• Fedspeak Cheatsheet: What Are Fed Policymakers Saying (Real Time Economics) see also Fed Challenge: Pull Back Without Pulling the Rug Out (NY Times)
• The bull market turns five (Fidelity)
• Is CAPE Broken? Another look at Shiller P/E. (Morningstar)
• Business finds a new reason for optimism as uncertainly eases on two fronts. (WSJ)
• “I” [as in India] Shares (Reformed Broker)
• Smart beta funds focused on U.S. stocks saw net inflows of about $42.8 billion last year, according to (WSJ)
• Comic Author: What If I Wrote a Book? (xkcd) see also Randall Munroe’s Got a New Book, but It’s Not XKCD (Daily Dot)
• Inside Neil Young’s Crowdfunded Quest to Fix Your Disastrous MP3 Situation (FastCo Labs)

What are you reading?

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