Happy Birthday to Vicki Lewis, 54.

Back home, new week, and, as always, there’s good stuff:

1. Ben Highton on the 2014 midterms.

2. Seth Masket on party symbols as electoral assets (or not). That isn't actually what I was interested in; I want to know whether the lack of explicit party symbols, rites, and rituals matters to the strength of party organizations. But what Seth says is good, anyway.

3. One more on the FL-13 special: Matthew Dickinson reports in.

4. Emily Badger looks at open data by nation.

5. Shani O. Hilton on diversity in the newsroom.

6. I like what Ross Douthat says about humility.

7. And Paul Waldman is good on the imagined Reagan … but wrong that liberals never do that sort of thing. The imagined JFK is still going strong.

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