Pour yourself a strong cup of joe and start your Saturday morning with my longer-form weekend reads:

• Richard Branson: The Stuntman (London Review of Books)
• Meet DARPA's new generation of robots (Aeon) see also Your Job Taught to Machines Puts Half U.S. Work at Risk (Bloomberg)
• Edward Snowden SXSW: Full Transcription and Video (Inside)
• Drowning in Light: How Technology Feeds our Addiction to Light (Nautilus)
• Inside the Barista Class (The Awl)
• DataBall: The New Basketball Stats (Grantland) see also Meet the World's Most Marketed 12-Year-Old Basketball Player (Tampa Bay)
• Exposing the big lie of the post-crash economy (TNR)
• The Intolerance of Uneconomic Economics (Pieria)
• The Story Behind the Rob Ford Story (The Walrus)
• That Chop on the Upbeat: Junior Braithwaite and the history of Jamaican popular music (Oxford American)

60 degrees and sunny in the New York City area -- looks like a top down kind of day!

Number of U.S. Millionaires Reaches Record High


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