My morning train reading:

• Lessons From the Bull Market (WSJ) see also Wall Street on Lookout for Signs of Market Top (USA Today)
• A Man and His Signals (Reformed Broker)
• New Hedge Funds Face Life or Death Battle for Funding (FT)
• Have Researchers Uncovered Buffett’s Secret? (Advisor Perspectives)
• Apple Faces Life as a Mature Company (Knowledge@Wharton) see also Six Months After Launch, Apple’s iTunes Radio Already More Popular Than Spotify (Apple Insider)
• Drones Will Cause an Upheaval of Society Like We Haven’t Seen in 700 years (Quartz)
• My Life as a Retail Worker: Nasty, Brutish and Poor (The Atlantic)
• A Dispassionate Analysis of the Employment Situation (CFA Institute)
• Malcolm Gladwell Debunked: Practice May Not Be the Main Key to Success (Salon)
• Explosive, Daring Cosmos Just Launched a New Crusade for Science (Wired)

What are you reading?

A Relentless Widening of Disparity in Wealth


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