Good Monday morning. Let’s start your workweek out right with these reads:

• Five Bears Who Turned Bullish During Five-Year Rally (MoneyBeat) see also Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Market Anthropology)
• How realistic are your investment expectations? History suggests many people delude themselves about real returns. (WSJ)
• Silicon Valley Hears Echoes of 1999 (Businessweek) see also Still Corporate Cash Everywhere (Reformed Broker)
• Twelve Telling Charts We Pulled From the Perky U.S. Jobs Report (Quartz)
• The Great Housing Hangover (House of Debt) see also Is San Francisco New York? (NY Mag)
• Millennials in Adulthood (Pew Social Trends)
• A Cheat Sheet to the Conservative Money Machine (National Journal) see also Conservative Transparency (
• Employer Health Cost Increases at 15-Year Low (Forbes)
• 10 URLs That Every Google User Should Know (Digital Inspiration)
• ’Raising Arizona’ 25th Anniversary: 25 Things You Didn’t Know About the Coen Brothers’ Classic Comedy (MovieFone)

What are you reading?

The Great Housing Hangover

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