My longer-form weekend materials. Pour yourself a strong cup of joe and settle in for some fascinating reads:

• Silicon Valley’s circus of innovation (Aeon)
• Deal Me Out: Access journalism at the New York Times’ Dealbook (The Baffler)
• How to Think (Farnam Street)
• Behavioral Economics + Machine Learning = Big Data (Robot Economics)
• The Great Divide Over Market Efficiency (Institutional Investor)
Oops: The Texas Miracle That Isn’t (Washington Monthly)
• The Invention of the AeroPress (Priceonomics)
• What Louis Armstrong Really Thinks (New Yorker)
• How the U.S. team launched the greatest comeback in sailing history at the 2013 America’s Cup (WSJ)
• The Broken-Down Grace of Bill Murray (The Dissolve) see also In Conversation: Saturday Night Live’s Lorne Michaels (Vulture)

What's up for the weekend?

U.S. Household Net Worth Hits Record High


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