Good morning. Some reads to peruse while we wait for the next geopolitical crisis to erupt:

• Howard Marks: In the End, the Devil Usually Wins (Finanz und Wirtschaft) see also Seth Klarman: Investors Downplaying Risk “Never Turns Out Well” (Value Walk)
• Float up with rates (Fidelity)
• After a Dazzling Early Career, a Star Trader Settles Down (DealBook)
• Meet the World’s Luckiest Investor (Motley Fool)
• A Quiet Trend That May Be Boosting Stocks (Barron’s)
• Over 1,600 stockbrokers have past bankruptcies or criminal charges that weren’t reported to regulators (WSJ)
• How Silence Became a Luxury Product (New Republic)
• The Ever-Expanding Google Juggernaut (USA Today)
• Here Are the American Executives Who Are Working on Behalf of Putin (Business Insider) see also Putin Meets His Match -- Mr. Market (Barron’s)
• What Would Plato Think of TV? (The Atlantic)

What are you reading?

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