My morning reading, served fresh with corn muffins and coffee:

• Yale: Alpha’s Not Dead, But Finding It Is Hard (AI-CIO)
• The Markets Are Punishing Russia More Swiftly Than Diplomats Ever Could (Quartz) see also How Stocks React to Geopolitical Uncertainty (MoneyBeat)
• The Cost of Bitcoin (stratēchery)
• Nonsense Forecasts (Reformed Broker) see also Dow 5,000 in 2013 was the worst forecast of 2013 (TBP)
• Long Island Is Dying, Again: Does population change mean anything? (Pacific Standard)
• WhatsApp Is Different (Om) see also Masters of Their Own Destiny (FastCo)
• Why Sweden Has So Few Road Deaths (The Economist)
• Why Carl Sagan Is Truly Irreplaceable (Smithsonian Magazine) see also Walter Isaacson: 5 Traits of True Geniuses (Inc.)
• Economists Say Paul Ryan Misrepresented Their Research (Fiscal Times)
• While the polar vortex freezes U.S. flights, Nordic airports make sport of defying the snow. (WSJ)

What are you reading?

Russian Billionaire Losses


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