Happy Birthday to Jon Fratelli, 35.

Lots of good stuff:

1. U.S. political parties aren't collapsing, devolving, or experiencing anything else that suggests weakness. They are changing; understanding that change is complicated, because the parties are complicated. Seth Masket has more.

2. “College, the Great Unleveler,” from Suzanne Mettler.

3. Josh Putnam on Iowa and front-runners. As he says, Iowa winnows.

4. Julia Gray on Ukraine and democracy.

5. Ezekiel Emanuel on the demise of traditional health insurance companies…and what comes next.

6. While Austin Frakt and Aaron Carroll tackle “zombie Medicaid arguments.”

7. Good reporting from Emma Dumain on the next big fight within the House Democratic caucus.

8. Jared Bernstein reminds us: Neither CBO nor anyone else knows that budgets are going to look like in the long run.

9. And Andrew Sullivan really knows John McCain.

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