My Friday reading:

• Everything Is Awesome! (Reformed Broker)
• Men vs. Women: Investment Decisions (Black Rock) see also Mars, Venus and the Handling of Money (NY Times)
• The 100 Most Innovative Technology Firms (Housing Wire)
• Can the Bond Rally Continue? (Fidelity) see also Gold Bugs Return After Last Year's Rout (WSJ)
• The conspiracist of naked shorts is convicted of fraud (Crain's New York)
• How the Fed Let the World Blow Up in 2008 (The Atlantic) see also Do We Even Need a Fed Balance-Sheet Reduction? (FT Alphaville)
• What the Numbers Say About Who Will Win at the Oscars (BuzzFeed) see also OK, Jared Leto is probably a lock, but this year's Oscar race is unusually wide open. (WSJ)
• Seth Rogen's Funny, Touching Fight for Alzheimer's Patients (Salon)
• Jan Brewer's speech on Arizona's anti-gay bill (New Yorker) see also Close-Minded Man Not Even Willing to Hear Out Argument on Why Homosexuality an Abomination (The Onion)
• The Incredible Stock-Picking Ability of SEC Employees (WonkBlog) see also The SEC Should Really Start a Hedge Fund (Bloomberg View)

What are you reading?


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