My midweek morning reading:

• The Unlikely Tale of How ARM Came to Rule the World (Businessweek)
• Gold Is Up 12 Percent: Has a New Bull Market Begun? (Barron’s)
• What Alan Greenspan Has Learned Since 2008 (Harvard Business Review)
• The Best Part of the Housing Price Recovery May Be Over (WonkBlog) see also America’s Hottest Housing Market Has Suddenly Cooled Down (Real Time Economics)
• Why Machine Learning and Big Data Need Behavioral Economists (Robot Economics)
• The Kingpin at Rest by Alma Guillermoprieto (New York Review of Books)
• Truth and a Prize Emerge From Lies About Hoffman (NY Times)
• The Drying of the West (Business Insider)
Punk’d!? Is the @GSElevator Mystery Really Solved? (NY Mag)
• Jerky Boys: Behind the Prank Calls That Changed Comedy (Rolling Stone)

What are you reading?

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