Happy Birthday to Jerry Harrison, 65.

Right to the good stuff:

1. The latest Monkey Cage polarization post: this time, political scientist Robert Ford looks at polarization in the U.K., and what the U.S. should be learning from it.

2. Scott Lemieux gets in on the LBJ question.

3. Good one from Rich Yeselson on post-Cronkite America.

4. Excellent overview of the structural factors responsible for a 2014 cycle that favors Republicans, from Sahil Kapur.

5. Nobody remembers Gerry Studds? I must be old. Or a Congress junkie. Or both. Anyway, Jennifer Bendery and Sam Stein profile the original out gay Member of the House.

6. And one more on the question of public engagement from political scientists: Dan Drezner is harsh, but I think he’s right.