Good morning. Some reads to help you get through the day:

If you marketed equities like this, you would go to jail: “Gold: Security. Safety. Stability.” (TRB)
• Which Internet Stock Is the Most Overvalued? (New Yorker) see also Top Anecdotal Signs of a Market Bubble (CFA Institute)
• ”High-Speed Trading Isn’t About Efficiency -- It’s About Cheating” (Climateer Investing)
• Apple iTunes as a standalone Co. would be #130 on Fortune 500 (Asymco)
• Can An Athlete Be Streaky? (Priceonomics)
• The tablet is over. No it isn’t. (Re/code, GigaOM)
• A Look at the 50 Most Generous Donors of 2013 (Philanthropy)
• Here’s how Twitter might challenge the NSA’s gag order (The Switch)
• How the Beatles Went Viral: Blunders, Technology & Luck Broke the Fab Four in America (Billboard) see also What the critics wrote about the Beatles in 1964 (LA Times)
• The USA Retirement Funds Act Is Good Legislation (Morningstar)

What are you reading?

European Banks Parry U.S. Rules

Source: WSJ
Source: WSJ

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