The week is coming to end. Celebrate it with these quality reads:

• Jeremy Grantham on Tesla, Fertilizer Wars (GMO letter)
• Bill Gates’ Steve Jobs Moment (stratechery) see also Bill Gates Emulating Jobs’s Return Carries No Guarantee (Bloomberg)
• Apple Yanks World’s Most Popular Bitcoin Wallet From App Store (Wired)
• Big guns roll out to defend securities class actions (Alison Frankel)
• Twitter’s first earnings report in charts: more money from less-engaged users (Quartz) see also As Technology Gets Better, Will Society Get Worse? (Elements)
• Get the feeling you’re being watched? These eyes in the sky can track every person, vehicle in an area for hours. (Washington Post)
• Creationists Have Questions. I Have Answers. (Slate)
• Inside Wall Street’s Most Secretive Fraternity (IB Times) see also The 7 Fastest-Growing Finance Jobs (Business Insider)
• Rock-Star Pope at war with GOP’s Ayn Rand Capitalism (MarketWatch)
• U.S. Domestic Flights Are the Most Packed on the Planet (Skift)

What's up for the weekend?

Costs to Protect Against Short-Term Volatility Are On the Rise

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