My morning reads:

• Barron’s: Risk-Averse Young Investors (Penta Daily)
• The Year Facebook Blew Past Google (Re/Code), but see Digitally Speaking, CBS, Time Warner, Disney Bigger Than Facebook (MediaPost)
• Vanguard’s CEO dances to a fanatical discount tune (FT)
• Microsoft, Past and Future (Daring Fireball), but see Microsoft is Dead (Paul Graham)
Howdy, Partner: Traditional mutual fund firms have been pursuing partnerships with traditional ETF providers (Morningstar)
• Many big stocks already in 10 percent correction (USA Today), but see Why the Dow Theory is still on a ‘buy’ signal (MarketWatch)
• How the New Classicals drank the Austrians’ milkshake
• As Minimum Wages Rise, Businesses Grapple With Consequences (NY Times)
• Creationism, at taxpayer expense: Secrets of frightening new school voucher schemes (Salon), see also A Map of Thousands of Schools That Are Allowed to Teach Creationism With Taxpayer Money (Slate)
• The Next Big Thing You Missed: Online Grocery Shopping Is Back, and This Time It’ll Work (Wired)

How’s your winter going?

A Rough Start For Retail

Source: Bespoke Investment Group
Source: Bespoke Investment Group

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