Happy Birthday to Dan Quayle, 67.

Always time for the good stuff:

1. More from the terrific Monkey Cage series on party polarization: this time, it’s Matt Levendusky on the partisan media. Excellent appraisal of the (very mixed) evidence. Must-read for all those tempted to assume they know how Fox News and MSNBC affect US politics.

2. “O'Reilly's audience won't believe that a CNN interviewer asks tougher questions. But it's true.” I do wish that Conor Friedersdorf would leave his own particular interests behind when critiquing the press, but his basic points about Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Barack Obama are good ones.

3. Taegan Goddard on the Republican talking point of the year: the “lawless presidency.”

4. Whatever; meanwhile, it appears that Obama’s approval rating has been (probably) trending up for the last two months. Mark Blumenthal and Ariel Edwards-Levy explain. My guess (and it’s certainly a guess, no more) is that the shutdown was responsible for more of his earlier slide than the Healthcare.gov fiasco, and that generally austerity hurt Obama all last year.

5. Tyler Cowen on Ezra Klein – and on assessing bloggers in general.

6. And E.J. Graff on choice and sexuality.