It's a snowbound Monday here in the Northeast and this is what I'm reading:

• How Well Do Blindfolded Monkeys Play the Stock Market? (Priceonomics)
• Europe will feel the pain of emerging markets (FT), see also Emerging-Market Rout Seen Enduring on Low Real Rates (Bloomberg)
• Where in the world are shares cheap? (Telegraph)
• The Janet Yellen era begins (Politico), see also Why the rate decision will drive Yellen’s early agenda. (WSJ)
• Bye Bye, Bernanke -- Without You, We’d Be Way Worse Off (Fiscal Times)
• Here, Let Ezra Explain (NY Mag)
• These Tiny Windmills Work, and Ten Will Fit in a Grain of Rice (Wired), see also Why volcanoes are the energy source of the future (Quartz)
• 50 Reasons We’re Living Through the Greatest Period in World History (Motley Fool)
• Dispersion and Correlation: Which is “Better?” (Indexology)
• In Brutal Contest of Strength and Strategy, a Culture Is Revealed (Slate), see also Why the NFL is Tax-Exempt (Today I Found Out)

Because if they called it the “Boring Bowl,” no one would have watched. . .

Stock Investors Brace for Bumpy Ride

Source: WSJ
Source: WSJ

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