Good Friday morning, some reads to wrap up your work week:

Coin flip: Gurus Achieve An Astounding 47.4% Accuracy! (Rick Ferri)
• What do you do when your trading system goes wrong? (A Dash of Insight)
• Putting Emerging Market Stock Losses Into Perspective (A Wealth of Common Sense), see also Dark Side of Capital in Emerging Markets (NY Times)
• You’ll Never Grow Rich Taking A Profit (Psy-Fi)
• Wall Street’s New Trillion Dollar Playground, the Securitization of Rental Homes (World Property Channel)
• Wholesalers: The spies of Wall Street (Investment News)
• Why the rich are freaking out (Politico)
• Bernanke Should Be Thanked (NY Times), see also Ben Bernanke Deserves Our Appreciation (New Yorker)
• Google’s Tasty Lemonade (stratechery)
• That’s What She Said: The Rise and Fall of the 2000s’ Best Bad Joke (The Atlantic)

What are you reading?

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Source: Bespoke Investment Group
Source: Bespoke Investment Group

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