Ritholtz's 10 Thursday Reads: BRICS and Arctic Forests

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My morning-train reading:

• What to expect: The Yellen Fed (Fidelity), see also In Parting Gift to Bernanke, First Unanimous Fed Decision Since June 2011 (Real Time Economics)
• Financial Television & The Culture of Charade (Above the Market)
• Wall Street's New Housing Bonanza (DealBook)
• World risks deflationary shock as BRICS puncture credit bubbles (Telegraph), see also As China's Economy Slows, the Pain Hits Home (NY Times)
• How Costco explains the Obama presidency (The Fix)
• Oil Boom: See A Modern-Day Gold Rush In Motion (NPR), see also The cold outlier (FT Alphaville)
• Obama Orders Creation of 'MyRA' Savings Accounts (NY Times)
• As I Was Saying About Web Journalism ... a Bubble, or a Lasting Business? (NY Times)
• This small loophole could give the FCC much greater control of the Internet (The Switch)
• Louis C.K. skewing Ticketmaster and the truth behind money in comedy (Reverb)
• The Dead Forests of Antarctica (Atlas Obscura)

What are you reading?

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