Happy Birthday to Paige Moss, 41. How is it that she’s never shown up on “How I Met” and made a play for Marshall?

Never mind; I know you’re just looking for the good stuff:

1. No filibusters? Then we may get a polarized judiciary. Sarah Binder reports on new research.

2. A good Reuters story about Republicans signing up for insurance on the exchanges. Certainly don’t want to make too much of anecdotal evidence, but it’s a good piece.

3. Pacific Standard is an excellent publication that probably is underappreciated because it’s not based in New York or Washington; Sarah Laskow profiles it.

4. Greg Sargent has the latest on the immigration bill, and what to watch as House Republicans attempt to thread the needle on this one.

5. And Josh Kraushaar makes the case for John Kasich as a serious presidential contender. Plausible!

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