My midweek morning reading:

• Here are 7 policies Obama just said he’d pursue without Congress (Washington Post) see also Who Has a Higher Minimum Wage Than the Federal Rate? (Real Time Economics)
• Stats of the Union (Economist)
• Apple TV graduates from hobby/accessory to product line ahead of major changes (9 to 5 Mac) see also The age of the iPod is over (The Verge)
• The Housing Slowdown Has Already Begun (Advisor Perspectives)
• Confronting Old Problem May Require a New Deal (NY Times)
• Perspective: If Windows 8 = Vista, what’s Microsoft’s next move? (Computer World)
• Weak inflation makes it harder for Europe’s economically struggling nations to recover. (WSJ)
• America’s newest exporter is Japanese, as Honda’s U.S. operations ship more autos overseas (Washington Post)
• David Letterman Changed Everything (The Interrobang)
• Stephen Hawking: ‘There are no black holes’ (Nature)

What are you reading?

What’s in the Farm Bill?

Source: Wonkblog
Source: Wonkblog

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