Here's what you missed last night in sports:

Silence Is Golden
The Seattle Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch rubbed some people the wrong way by ending his Super Bowl Media Day session less than seven minutes into the hour-long event, but avoiding the spotlight is part of who he is, and that's just fine.

Not Ready for Change
Major League Baseball approved padded caps to protect pitchers, but the player who helped bring about the change won't wear them in their current form.

Balling From Down Under
Australian high school phenom Dante Exum is projected to be a top-10 pick after he announced he would declare for the NBA draft.

Light Years Ahead
Remember the glowing puck Fox Sports used briefly in the 1990s? Turns out, sports broadcasting's most ridiculed feature was an incredibly important technological innovation that was simply ahead of its time.

New York State of Mind
The Super Bowl might actually take place in New Jersey, but the state won't really benefit from it, with most of this week's events being held in New York.