Here is my Friday reading list to finish off your week:

• “The Worst Day of 2014″ (Reformed Broker)
• Emerging currencies dive: ‘Investors are penalizing those countries with more vulnerabilities’ (WSJ), but see Buy the (next) dip in emerging-markets stocks (Yahoo Finance)
• Attack of the killer rentiers (FT Alphaville)
• Remember Commodities? (All Star Charts)
• The Myth of Maximizing Shareholder Value (Naked Capitalism)
• A simple formula for climate-linked economic damage (Vox), see also Industry Awakens to Threat of Climate Change (NY Times)
Cassidy: Social Mobility Hasn’t Fallen: What It Means and Doesn’t Mean (New Yorker), see also America’s Relatively Small Tax Burden (Data Mine)
• Colorado Now Has a Marijuana-Friendly Real Estate Agent. Her Slogan: “Need Room to Grow?" (Slate)
• Six Productivity Tips From Jerry Seinfeld’s Reddit “Ask Me Anything” (FastCo Labs)
• Everything from 1991 Radio Shack ad I now do with my phone (Trending Buffalo)

What are you reading?

All About Davos Attendees

Source: The Economist
Source: The Economist