Happy Birthday to Muhammad Ali, 72. The link is to “When We Were Kings”…it’s very good, but I’d probably just watch the fight. Again. Really, any of his fights.

Good stuff for today and a long weekend:

1. The latest from the Monkey Cage polarization series: David Brady and Hahrie Han with some historical perspective.

2. Rick Hasen analyzes the new Voting Rights fix bill, introduced yesterday.

3. Interested in comparative judicial activism? Fascinating interview with Cristina Parau on why judges get powerful in some nations.

4. Are Republicans deluding themselves? Brian Beutler argues they are – across the board.

5. Sean Trende looks at the Virginia Senate race, and makes the case that Republican Ed Gillespie may have a (slim, but non-zero) chance.

6. Steve Benen thinks Obamacare may be on its way to being a normal part of government, and health care back to returning as a normal issue.

7. And Kevin Drum argues for -gate.