Income inequality has been all over the news this year. Political fights about raising the minimum wage are in the near future.

A related, but just as fascinating, issue is how wealth is distributed. Click through on the accompanying image of the "Wealthometer," and you can see where your family's wealth falls in percentile basis.

If you and your spouse have a quarter million dollars in real estate or other real assets, and the same in financial (401k, investments, etc.) and less than $50,000 in debt, this puts you at the 85th percentile in terms of wealth in America.

To reach the 90th percentile, you need about $800,000 in wealth. The 95th percentile takes about $1.5 million. If you and your significant other want to be in the top 1 percent, you need about $5,500,000 in net wealth.

Try playing around with Wealthometer.