Ritholtz's 10 Friday Reads: Caffeine, Twitter and J.P. Morgan

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Good morning. Here's my Friday on-the-Acela-to-D.C. reading:

• Barron's Roundtable: 2013 Performance & Updated 2002-13 Rankings (PunditTracker), see also The Most Expensive "Free" Advice -- 2014 Update (A Dash of Insight)
• What if the Future Is Better Than We Think? (A Wealth of Common Sense)
• Wells Fargo's pressure-cooker sales culture comes at a cost (LA Times), see also Wall Street Predicts $50 Billion Bill to Settle U.S. Mortgage Suits (DealBook)
• Greenspan, the Keynesian (FT Alphaville)
• Skagen Says Ignore Wall Street, Bet on Emerging Markets (Bloomberg), see also Chart o' the Day: A Technical Case for European Stocks (Reformed Broker)
• What took you eejits so long? Finra to Crack Down on Brokers With High Number of Complaints (WSJ)
• The invincible JP Morgan (Felix Salmon), see also Why 'Too Big to Fail' Is a Bigger Problem Than Ever (Fiscal Times)
• How the World Gets Its Caffeine Fix (Priceonomics)
• Drinking from the Twitter firehose: I love the stream, but I need more filters and bridges (Gigaom), see also San Francisco's New Gold Rush: How Techies Are Transforming The City (WSJ)
• A Look Back At How The Content Industry Almost Killed Blockbuster And Netflix (And The VCR) (TechCrunch)

What are you reading?

Banks Cut as Mortgage Boom Ends

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