10 Midweek AM Reads

Here’s what I’m reading on the way to the office:

• FOMC Meeting Something of a Nailbiter (Tim Duy’s Fed Watch)

• Twerking, Nelson Mandela, ‘How to tie a tie’: Google’s top searches of 2013 (Today) see also Google Trends -- Top Charts (Google)

• Tech bubble? What’s different from 2000 (Fidelity)

• Did the Housing Market Already Digest Higher Mortgage Rates? (Reformed Broker) but see Housing Market Setting Up for Another Crash (EconMatters)

• Byron Wien’s Reflections at Year-End (Blackstone)

• Americans’ Belief in Darwin’s theory of evolution rises (Harris Interactive) see also Fascinating New Poll Shows Americans’ Belief in God, Miracles and Heaven Declines (Business Insider)

• The Case Against Multivitamins Grows Stronger (NPR)

• Majority of Americans want minimum wage to be increased, poll finds (Washington Post) see also Supersize My Wage (NY Times)

• Walt Mossberg’s final WSJ column picks tech’s most influential products (WSJ)

• 26 charts that surprised me in 2013 (Quartz)

What are you reading?

Distribution of Annual Household Income in the U.S.