10 Monday Reads: Gold Freaks and Dumb Money

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Good Monday morning. Here is what I'm reading to start the week:

• 2014: Here Comes the Dumb Money! (Investing Caffeine) but see Stories From 1999 (Joe Fahmy)

• Companies turning again to stock buybacks to reward shareholders (Washington Post)

• Gold Funds See Unprecedented 31% Slump With World Losing Faith (Bloomberg) see also Precious Metals Charlatans -- Freaks of the Industry (Kid Dynamite's World)

• You Win By Thinking Everyone Else Is Wrong (Motley Fool)

• Investors are hungry for U.S. corporate bonds, snapping them up at a record pace (WSJ) see also Time to Brace for a 20% Correction (Barron's)

• Surowiecki: How Should We Solve the Pension-Fund Crisis? (New Yorker)

• Is art a good investment? Two NYU economists estimated real returns on art from 1875 to 2000 to be 4.9 percent. (WSJ)

• How to Take Good Photos for Under $1,000 (Prolost)

• This Is the Average Man's Body (The Atlantic)

• Holiday Tipping Survey: How Much Do You Give? (Zagat)

What are you reading?

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