10 Friday Reads: Street Fighting Man

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Happy end of the week. Some reads to get you ready for the weekend:

• Investing 2014: The Smart Money Is on European Stocks (Fiscal Times) but see also US Stocks Cheap on 12 of 15 Historical Valuation Measures (Reformed Broker)

• Stock rise boosts pensions' funding to 96%, from 77% (WSJ)

• Eisinger: Soothing Words on "Too Big to Fail," but With Little Meaning (DealBook) see also It's Hard to Summon Sympathy for Big Banks (NY Times)

• Lament of the Plutocrats (Politico)

• What can you learn from Mr. Efficient Markets now? (CNN)

• A new wave of U.S. mortgage trouble threatens (Reuters) see also Big Banks About to Start Booking Second Mortgage Losses They Can No Longer Extend and Pretend Away (Naked Capitalism)

• U.S. general who opened Guantanamo prison says shut it down (Yahoo)

• NSA uses Google cookies to pinpoint targets for hacking (Washington Post)

• The Differences in How Women and Men Think Are Hard-Wired (WSJ)

• Keith Richards, who turns 70 next week, dissects one of his favorite Stones songs. (WSJ)

What are you up to this weekend?

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